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and where to start?

That is the main question most people have when they want to engage in
Sustainable Development. When you first meet the idea you are overwhelmed by the
all-encompassing nature of it. Once you start to appreciate this you try to find
the entry into that massive mountain. Often to no avail - it's quite complex

We committed ourselves to stay open minded and accept that we live in a time of
transition. On the other hand, there's no time left to humanity for fake
solutions. Our two entities joined forces to assist companies and organisations
in the set-up of really sustainable solutions - hence our name: Assistance
on Sustainability

Our combined experience in sustainable concepts, strategies and products is
75 years, quite a unique fact. However, Sustainable Development is not a target
that you reach one day, it is a lifestyle that you have to acquire. And that is
precisely what we try to generate with our customers and in the projects we
cooperate in
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